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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Who is this program targeted at?
A: The Happiness at Work Program is suitable for people of all ages, levels and across all organisation types. The program is about being open minded to lasting change - it doesn't relate to age, position or experience. 

Q: Is the program only for unhappy people?
A: No, although it's benefits are wide reaching and for everyone. People often take happiness for granted and forget that much like anything else worthwhile, it needs to be worked towards and is an ongoing pursuit. 

This program will help to benefit staff members as individuals and make them feel happier within themselves.

It is different from the usual staff training in that you are investing in the personal wellbeing of your staff members, rather than their work skills. In that respect it is the opposite of normal "workplace training."

N.B. There are limits; if there are large obstacles in the way, such as illness or debt, these are things that need to be worked on outside of the program.

Q: Can the program help to improve company culture?
A: The simplest and most inexpensive way to build a good team and good team culture is to have happy employees.

Q: How does the happiness of employees affect my bottom line?
A: Research has shown that the happier you are, the more productive you are. In turn, the happier your employees are, the more productive they will be and that can only be good for your bottom line.

Q: Will there be the same outcome for everyone?
A: Everyone will get a different outcome from this program. The best results we have been seeing are when companies look at their business from a holistic point of view prior to starting this program. We recommend having an office 'spring clean' of issues that are affecting staff (within reason) prior to getting everyone to undertake The Happiness at Work Program.

Q: Who else is using The Happiness at Work Program?
A: Many 
individuals and businesses are understanding the benefits of a happy workplace and are increasingly attributing a great deal of their success to the way they actively foster happiness within their workplace. This program isn't industry specific.

Q: When will employees have time to integrate this into their daily schedule?
Answers to these daily exercises are to be written down in each staff members' personal copy of The Happiness at Work Program and done preferably at the start of their work day, setting a positive and happy mindset with which to start the day.

Q: How much time will this take up?
It should only take 10-15 minutes to do, each day plus a short weekly team catch up.

Q: Why handwrite the answers?
A: Handwriting responses rather than typing them has proven to solidify learning and adds a personal touch to the exercise.

Q: What else does this program require from employees?
A: This program does take effort. If the individual effort is not put in, the program will not be as effective. 

Q: Do we need dedicated champions for the program?
A: When rolling this out across the organisation, having key ambassadors (either a pilot or management / leadership team) is crucial as they are then able to discuss and promote a better understanding of the benefits of this program and talk about their experience.

We provide a Communications Roll Out Plan to help with the management of this program, which includes pre, during and post program roll out communications. (While you don't have to use this it can he helpful to have to hand.)

On completion, each pilot or management / leadership team member can then tailor the management of this program for their own team/s requirements.

Q: How much time each week do teams need to allocate to the program?
A: Each team should have a 15 minute weekly check in (depending upon the size of the team) to discuss how people have found answering the questions. This is not to be a lengthy, cumbersome meeting.

Q: The program is complete – what now?
A: The last week of this program encourages people to review what they have enjoyed best from this program – from both a personal and work point of view and to put together a plan to keep doing this moving forward. We encourage this – and encourage workplaces to put together “happiness teams” to ensure that the momentum and change in culture is maintained.

Q: What about timing?
A. Large orders should be delivered approximately 2 weeks after the order is placed. Smaller orders should be fulfilled within 2 working days.

Q: Can The Happiness at Work Programs be printed with our company logo?
A: Yes. This will be an additional cost.

Q: Is The Happiness at Work Program available in languages other than English?
A: Yes. At present this program and corresponding support materials are available in both English and French. If there is demand for this program in another language, please contact us to discuss further.